For those looking for popular and common breeds of dogs in New Zealand, it is not hard to find accurate results. From having to check a few sites, such as and a few more, the dog breeds ideal for any individual or family can be seen below.

1. Labrador

The alpha dog or the top breed. Generally, the Labrador breed is the most common and popular in New Zealand. This breed is one of the sweetest and most loyal breeds of dogs.

It has an outgoing character and is a high-energy pup. Giving them toys and making time for them to exercise, even with a simple game of fetch, can help this breed transfer their energy properly. Doing so will help them avoid chewing up couches or shoes, playing with pillows, or ruining the indoor garden and plants at home.

2. Border Collie


Another one of New Zealand’s most beloved breeds. The Border Collie is most known for its gorgeous locks and aesthetically pleasing coat. Border Collies are known to be intelligent and are very good with kids. Playing with them outdoors is typical for this breed and is a preferred activity as they require a lot to exercise.

3. New Zealand Huntaway

The Huntaway is known for its strong signature bark that commands and supports a herd of sheep. They can cover large and rugged terrain and ground that goes long distances. Their stamina, obedience, and intelligence are ideal for farm work. Though they have a very active lifestyle, this breed has a loving disposition.

4. New Zealand Heading Dog

The New Zealand Heading Dog is skillful when it comes to herding and farm work as well. They are one of New Zealand’s top local breeds. Additionally, it is a low-maintenance breed wherein bathing can be done a few times a year.

5. Jack Russel Terrier


This dog breed is known in New Zealand for its ability to hunt foxes. They are small and cute yet very clever. These high-energy dogs also require exercise and lots of outdoor time, which is a very good outlet for their energy.

6. German Shepherd

Known to be a very reliable police dog, not just in New Zealand but everywhere in the world, this breed is loyal and loving to its master. German Shepherds also need lots of exercise since these pups are athletic and energetic. Having these activities as an outlet for their energy will enable them to further their health and capabilities when on duty.

7. Golden Retriever

One reason New Zealand considers the Golden Retriever a top breed is because they immediately welcome anyone as their friend. They are sweet and affectionate and very intelligent. Also, they are good with children and loyal family pets.

8. Welsh Corgi Cardigan


A Welsh Corgi Cardigan’s trait of being highly devoted to their family is a favorite and much-appreciated character by all of New Zealand. They can shower their owner with attention and affection all day and night. Though they usually spend time like this, they also crave their independence, making this breed an intelligent one.

9. Beauceron

This dog breed is known for its high level of energy and endurance. Beaucerons are seen taking long walks and exercising as they are difficult to tire. One thing that made them a top breed in New Zealand is that they can be a very good friend to their owner and is sure to be very loyal.


Though there are multiple entries for top dog breeds in New Zealand from different sources, the most common and popular ones are discussed in the list above. It is still worth noting that one should observe the following:

  • Prioritize what feels like the safest type of breed that they will welcome to their homes and near their families based on their preferences
  • Ensure to be able to know the lifestyle and health risks of the breed to be able to cater to them fully
  • Make sure that spending time with them is being done enough so that they feel loved