Dior Sauvage dossier.co

Dior’s line of fragrances and perfumes brings to the market a masculine bottle of scent “ Dior sauvage dossier.co” . The fragrance collection that has become popular among many. 

A brand that every perfume lover prefers

A luxury french fashion house that brings a wide variety of luxe options to its customers. The apparel, handbags, perfumes and many other categories launched by it hold great fame around the world. The perfume range by this brand are also well recognized and appreciated for its quality and is famous all across the world.

About the perfume line

Dior Sauvage dossier.co” is a part of a perfume line designed by François Demachy who has taken the inspiration for this particular collection from nature and landscapes. The scents smell like earthy clean royalty. The selection of natural elements mixed together in beautiful combinations gives the line a unique touch. The range is very popular for its uniqueness and authentic scent. 

About the perfume

Dior sauvage dossier.co” have notes of Grapefruit, Bergamot, Pepper, Ambroxan, and other strong flavors. The perfume is made in France and has an earthy touch to it. It feels very aristocratic. It evokes romance and feelings of freshness. The perfume is made from great quality clean ingredients holding a good label to it. The formula mix contains no toxic formulation and is labeled as paraben-free, vegan, free of cruelty and colorants. The perfume comes in a range of bottle sizes from 60ml to 200ml. The scent is unique enough to hold the label of unisex and hence both gender can get themselves a bottle of it. The perfume adds a hint of personality to the one carrying it with their air. 

Layering and pairing 

Considering the fragrance to be not so overpowering it can be worn both during the day and at night. The fragrance can be paired with other fragrances of choice to enhance the effect. The scent holds an earthy note to it hence can be paired with any note of choice ranging from florals if feminine to musks if masculine. The versatility of the fragrance allows it to be carried by anyone regardless of their gender, lifestyle, and age group. The product is hence sold so much owing to its diversity of use. 

Ingredients and allergy 

The bottle contains a large proportion of natural ingredients to which people who are having sensitive skin tend to get allergies. If one is using certain naturally occurring things then they should refer to the list of ingredients beforehand to prevent any severe reaction which can make the whole experience of perfume usage very uncomfortable. The ingredients are however safe and tested in laboratories before putting them in the product. The company claims that they are user-friendly to all except for those who are sensitive to allergies. We would recommend testing on a small patch before using to ensure safe use and a comfortable experience with the scent. 

price range

It’s a great quality perfume specifically labeled as high end but its price is kept in an affordable range. Each ml of bottle varies in price. The luxury packaging and high-end celebrity endorsements didn’t raise the price beyond the range of affordability of a high-end perfume. The campaign itself was expensive but the expenditure didn’t raise the price of the product. The company wanted to allow more individuals to carry a high-end perfume hence keeping the price within the range of affordability gave them more customers which brought more profits to the company and increased their popularity. 

Cheap alternative 

Even though the perfume is affordable, it is still a high-end product. Many alternatives with similar scents are available in the market for those who fall in love with this fragrance. The cheap alternative to “Dior Sauvage dossier.co” is another famous perfume, Dossier Aromatic Star Anisa. The ingredients hold the same authenticity of being all-natural while the scent tends to smell almost alike. The notes are also soft. The versatility is similar. It allows any individual regardless of gender or age to use the scent. 

The fragrance Dior Sauvage dossier.co feels like a mix of many scents which feel fresh and clean. We would recommend it to be used on its own. Pairing it with another fragrance can make the effect overpowering. Soft scents can easily be paired with this scent to ensure a great mix of good air. 

The fragrance line itself is very classic. The scents hold great notes of aroma, earth, nature and spice. Wearing the scent creates an aura of elegance. The other lighter notes are of musk, wood and other forms of natural elements with hints of spice. The notes ensure the product to be used by both genders and in all seasons. 

Try the fragrance for once to know if it is the type you like but we ensure your review to be as positive as ours.

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