Whether you are looking for magnifiers because you need them to perform your job properly, because age has your short vision diminishing, you have a long-term vision issue, or you just want to make things easier for yourself, then you need to find the right magnifier for the job.

There are many different types and the right one for you will be determined by factors such as how much magnifying you need – power, how far the magnifier will be from the subject  distance, and how long you will be using it – duration. Knowing these factors will narrow down the type of magnifier you need, but let’s look at a few different types of magnifiers to familiarise you with them.



These are the most common types of magnifiers and most of us are familiar with this style of hand-held magnifier. They consist of a lens with a handle and sometimes they can have a light source integrated. The advantage of a hand-held magnifier is that the user can adjust the distance themselves. They are more suited to low duration use and typically have a power range of 2x to 12.5x.


The stand magnifiers are a lens on legs, sometimes with lights attached. They are great for a longer duration of use and although the distance is set, you can increase the magnification by decreasing the distance of the subject.



In this category there are two main types of magnifiers, low vision reading glasses and mounted telescopes. The mounted telescopes have a higher power of magnification and are common in the jewellery and gem industry.


The digital magnifiers or EVES (Electronic Vision Enhancement Systems) include electronic, digital, and video magnifiers. These transfer text or image to a screen where it can be magnified as the user wishes. Again, these are great for long-term use.



We have only scratched the surface when it comes to magnifiers, companies like RS have over 20 types of magnifiers amongst their products. If you have questions about which magnifier is right for you then talk to a reputable dealer for advice. You can speak to the team at RS through Live Chat or check out their product range online.

Wherever you decide to purchase your magnifiers, make sure you buy quality products that do the job you need them for. The correct magnifier will make things much easier for you, not create more problems. Such as trying to use a hand-held magnifier when you need both hands for the task. With the right information, finding the right magnifier is easy.

There are many types of magnifiers on the market today – hands-free, hand-held, or digital. They can come with lights or without lights and the power of their magnification can vary immensely. With the right magnifier at your disposal then small or intricate projects will no longer be dreaded tasks that make you feel incapable. Take your power and confidence back today by getting the perfect magnifier for you and your needs.