The extravagant Dubai is probably one of the most popular destinations of the world. From offering luxury hotels to extravagant shopping malls, affluence is everywhere. The crazy land of sun, sand, and sheikh allows you have a great fun in order to surprise you endlessly. If you are looking some of the crazy things to try in Dubai, keep reading.

Skydiving in Dubai

There is nothing crazier than a skydive from a plane in order to get your blood pumping as well getting your senses to awaken. Sky diving in Dubai with your friends in one of the fun activities to do in Dubai. However, this activity is only recommended for the adventure seeker as regular activities can be quite boring for them.

Witness the city beneath you and behold Dubai in a spectacular way. You can go for skydiving over the desert or near The Palm island. However, if you are looking for a high adrenaline rush, you must try this unparalleled experience in Dubai.

Tour the City in a Helicopter

If you really want some spectacular vistas Dubai city by arranging a helicopter tour, there is no dearth of fun things than a 30-minute ride over the tallest buildings in the world. Helicopter ride in Dubai allows you enjoy the views of sandy deserts, blue waters, the top of iconic structures as well as the most beautiful skyscrapers. Fly over the World’s first man-made island and take countless pictures from this unique vantage point in Dubai.

  • Hire a yacht in Dubai

No doubt, Dubai is one of the most scenic places. It has emerged as the vacation hotspot for all. If you want something exciting and crazy, luxury yacht rental Dubai marina is an ideal platform to get a magnificent view of everything. Sail on the beautiful sea and explore the crystal-clear sea waters of the City of Gold. Book a yacht and experience a buffet dinner in Dubai Marina with your family.

Shark Encounter at Dubai Aquarium

Dubai Aquarium allows you witness the world’s most dangerous predator. You’ll be surprised to know that, this 10-million-liter tank is housing more than 33,000 animals. There is also a large collection of sand tiger sharks. There is a spectacular 48-meter glass tunnel to watch these magnificent creatures. Sharks and stingrays swimming overhead and 140 species of marine life will flank you. It’s such an overwhelming moment. If you want something crazy, do and swim with the sharks.

Hot Air Ballooning

In terms of crazy and adventurous things in Dubai, don’t forget hot balloon ride in Dubai. This amazing activity allows you witness the glitz and glamour of global hub from 3000 foot in the air. Enjoy the panoramic views of golden deserts. See the magnificent falcons circling and soring around the balloon.

You can also arrange a meal up there. Enjoy your food while witnessing the beauty of deserts and get lost in the breathtaking views. Generally, this activity takes place in early morning. But you can also enjoy it with a sunset view against the backdrop of Hajjarmountains painting tangerine hues across the sky.

Dune Bashing

Unlike other driving activity around the Dubai, Dune Bashing will hit all the adrenaline inducing spots of your body. It is one of the craziest activities that you can try with your friends. It requires you to sit comfortably in the 4*4 SUVs which actually “bash or smash” the sand dunes while making its way.

For safety purposes, you are accompanied by an experienced driver. The activity can also be done in a buggy, in which a single person is allowed other than the driver. With so much thrill, dune bashing in Dubai has become one of the most amazing things to do in Dubai. In order to make the most out of it, get your cameras to film the whole experience. 

Flyboard in Dubai

If the regular water park rides seem boring and not enough for you, then there is need to elevate your skills to the next level. For this purpose, flyboarding is a thrilling adventure in Dubai leaving you wanting more. Strapped onto a jetpack, you will feel like flying over water while powerful water streams shooting you in the air.

Seasoned experts can also streak through the air like a superhero. On the other hand, the newbies can simply enjoy the smooth gliding. Various facilities are provided and experienced staff is available at all times. Flyboarding is an exciting experience of your entire life.

BurjKhalifa Observation Deck

Everyone wants to see the amazing glittering Dubai from above. You can take a ride to the observation deck of world’s tallest building with the most stunning views you’ll ever see. At the Top has unparalleled and 360-degree sights from the BurjKhalifa. Want something more exciting? Get a chance to experience world’s fastest elevator to reach the observation desk. There are plenty of interactive exhibits along the way telling the story of the construction of the BurjKhalifa. BurjKhalifa observation desk is the place where the best Instagram shots are guaranteed.

Overnight Desert Safari in Dubai

In Dubai, desert safari conducted overnight, is one of the amazing things to do especially for adventurous souls. You’ll take a ride to the golden desert flanking the city. Experience the thrill of riding modified 4×4s that are capable to fly across the sand dunes with high speed. You can also try various other activities such as camel riding, dune bashing, and sand boarding to make this experience more interesting. Take stunning photos in local costumes and get a Henna tattoo. The unique blend of nature, culture, and history makes this experience more enjoyable. Spend a night in a camp, have a delicious BBQ buffet.

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