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As you prepare for the Saskatchewan summer it is essential that your AC work efficiently. Luckily, you don’t have to have a degree in order to know the signs of a problem. Here are some typical AC issues to keep in mind so that you know what to look for.

Hot Air Blowing

In the summer heat, it’s not the best thing to would like is hot air rushing through your home. If your air conditioner is producing hot air, you must first examine the air filter. You should be sure to check the coils that are on the outside of the unit to ensure that they are clean. Also, make sure there’s no ductwork that is loose or blocked air vents. If everything is in order then it’s most likely there is some issue in the compressor. Lack of lubricant, obstructions to suction lines, or electrical issues can cause compressors to malfunction. These problems should be handled by a specialist.

AC Compressor Break Down

It is the AC compressor that makes up the component of the system which moves refrigerant through it to chill the air. Since compressors are an element that is constantly used over time, they get worn out very quickly. However, they could fail due to several reasons like issues with electricity, the absence of the proper lubricant, excessive or insufficient refrigerant as well as dirty or dusty condenser coils.

It’s good to know there are warning signs that suggest AC compressor problems. Signs that the AC compressor is set to fail include the blowing of warm air or an electrical circuit breaking, the sound of shaking, or other unusual noises as the air conditioner is turned on.

Frozen Evaporator Coils

Even during the hot Saskatchewan day, Evaporator coils are prone to freezing. Possibility of freezing. Since evaporator coils constitute an essential part of your AC system, they become ineffective until they are cleared of frozen.

The coils of evaporators absorb heat inside your home. In the process of absorbing heat and absorbed, it creates condensation over the coils. Coils are susceptible to freezing due to many issues, like clean air filters and dirt build-up or low refrigerant levels. Evaporator coils that are frozen can considerably slow down the AC system’s ability to cool. If your coils on your AC system are frozen ensure that you immediately shut off the system, let them defrost, and then schedule a professional to visit and repair the issue.

Evaporator coils aren’t always just the one AC component that freezes. Condenser coils located on the exterior of the unit may also freeze. This can be avoided by keeping any debris out of the unit and by regularly cleaning the coils.

Strange Noises

In the event that your AC unit is making odd sounds, it’s likely you’ve been blocking the noises. There are some sounds that could indicate the existence of a problem with the operation of your AC.

Clicking noises Clicking sounds usually signify an issue with the thermostat that is an electrical problem. Remember that AC systems produce clicking sounds as they begin to run and shut down, however, constant clicking can be the sign of an issue.

Squealing sounds – Squealing sounds originate from the belt. The belt can be off-balance or get worn out. A damaged blower motor or wheel could also trigger noisy squealing.

Grinding noises The sound of grinding indicates a problem in the engine. The pinging or popping sound indicates that the metal is loose, while rattles indicate that the cover panels are loose and require to be tightened.

Banging noises indicate that a replacement of the compressor is required. The sound of banging is most likely emanating from the compressor, originating from broken or loose pieces.

Screaming sounds – Whistling or whistling sounds indicate the presence of a leak in the refrigerant. If you hear them then turn off the air conditioner and contact a technician. The leaks of refrigerant can not only harm the compressor but also pose danger to your health. Noises that scream can indicate that the pressure in the compressor is excessively high. Also, this is a safety concern that should not be overlooked.

Being aware of the most typical AC issues will let you be aware of when it’s the right time to contact an expert to repair your system. Being aware of problems in advance allows them to be addressed to ensure you have a cool and comfortable home throughout the summer.

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