The situation in La Liga hasn’t been that complex for years. Generally speaking, we have all got used to the domination of Spanish teams in the Champions League for a long period. To be precise, Real Madrid truly made CL a bit boring as they somehow always manage to win that competition.

Speaking of Barcelona, things truly started to change after Messi left the club. There is no doubt that his influence on the team was huge. The fans of the club knew that, but it seems no one was truly aware of how strong his impact was. You can see the outcome in the last 2 seasons.

For those that do not know, Barcelona hasn’t won the La Liga since 2019. In the last three seasons, the title went to Madrid. The question is – will something like that change this season? Predictions are something that people like to read, and we would like to share our predictions with you. The data you read below can be good for all the sports betting Canada fans. They can gain some information and make betting on different Spanish matches easier. So, let’s go!

Real Has Minimal Advantage


We give a small advantage to Real Madrid this year. There is no doubt that the biggest rivals in the Spanish league are once again close in terms of quality. However, Real Madrid hasn’t changed that many players. The team that is currently active already established some level of mutual chemistry and teamwork. Indeed, Marcelo, Isco, and Bale (not even worth mentioning) left the club this year. But, the substitutes for these incredible players like Rudiger and Tchouameni are there to ensure continuous quality.

According to our opinion, the difference between Barcelona and Real Madrid would be even bigger if Mbappe came. We are 100% sure he would be a “new Messi”. However, his last-minute decision to stay in Madrid probably surprised everyone.

But, Barcelona Also Has High Chances!


Xavi has truly made a miracle for a short period. After his arrival, Barcelona has become a new club. The owners of the club told him about the problems with the budget, so he agreed to work with the players that are already at the club. The previous season was not as successful as Barca fans would love. However, at the current situation, we are sure most fans are satisfied.

This transfer window was outstanding for Barca. Many new players arrived. Raphina, Lewandowski, Kessie, Kounde…all these players signed for the club in just a couple of weeks. It seems that Barca managed to take care of the finances. At least, the responsible individuals realized it is much better to risk and try to refresh the club that way!

Why are we giving a small advantage to Real Madrid? Well, most players that have joined Barcelona have never played with each other. It takes time until they get used to each other and build up the chemistry that one football team means. The adaptation period probably won’t last long. Players of the club are all true professionals. Some of them even deserved in recent years to get the Ballon d’Or.

Our prediction is that Barca has a higher chance to win the league next year. It is probably too early to discuss the next season at the moment when this one hasn’t started yet.

However, the goal of the owners of Barca is to bring Xavi that will make long-term results.

No one expected him to win the title in his first season. Some other clubs would probably not have the nerves to wait that long!

Atletico Madrid Is Still In the Third Place


As you can see, we believe the table in La Liga would look identical to last season. Atletico Madrid will probably end in third place. We believe the difference between Barcelona and Atletico is not going to be small as in the previous season. Our predictions suggest the domination of Real Madrid and Barcelona will be a lot stronger compared to the previous season (at least, for Barcelona).

Do they have the chance to win the title? Well, football is a sport full of surprises. However, they were not too active this summer. Two players that arrived are Molina from Udinese and Witsel from Dortmund. In other words, they focused mostly on defense. There are rumors that Grisman could join Manchester United while Ronaldo could come to Atletico Madrid. The first thing may be correct while we doubt the second rumor will ever turn into reality. The question is – who would come as a replacement?

As Always: Sevilla In Forth Place


The champion of the Europa League usually ends up in fourth place in the league. This club certainly deserves one La Liga title. However, they haven’t managed to do that since 1946.

It is still unclear how they play that well in the Europa League. With that attitude and a couple of good transfers, they could certainly be more competitive in Spain.

They lost a couple of players which reduced their chances of winning the trophy even more.

Kounde went to Barcelona while Diego Carlos agreed with Gerrard to join Aston Villa.

Currently, the most significant signature for this season is Alex Tellest. However, he just came to a loan. Apart from that, it is worth mentioning that Marcao went back from Galatasaray. But, this won’t be enough! They will need to bring some new players if they want to keep their spot in the Champions League. Who and when will join the club is something we are yet to see.


As you can see, our predictions suggest that things won’t change a lot compared to the previous seasons. But, there is always the chance that all the new players that have come to Barcelona will explode and start playing amazingly from the first round. Real Madrid is a bit surprised after Mbappe decided not to come. They were planning the entire gameplayer around him and that could be the reason why they could potentially lose the title.

The most important thing is – Barcelona is, once again, functioning like a professional club.

They may not manage to do something special in the Champions League this season. We believe their focus is on La Liga. Real Madrid is always focused on both competitions which can be the reason why some surprises are possible. What’s your opinion?