Father’s Day

When you hear the word ‘father,’ what are the first things that come to your mind? Is face, voice, stare, nature, personality, profession, or words. But how many of you remember the times you spent with him in your childhood, what all he taught you while growing up, how much hard work you saw him do every day, how he hid his sadness or tension from the entire family, how loving and respectful he’s been forever, and how protective he was, even is, for you, and how he was the person you learned how to be strong from? Fathers are one of the most important people in our lives. Still, sadly, the fact that they deserve the same display of affection, care, love, and belongingness go a bit neglected compared to the expressions of love you display for your mother. But now, it’s high time that you rekindle the bond of love and expression with him. However, there’s no particular day you can take a step towards re-bonding your strings with your father. But one of the best days to do so is father’s day, his birthday is important too, but then there are more people around him. On father’s day, it’s just you and him, with absolute rights and freedom.

You can send cakes online, you can order flowers online for him using online delivery services, and you can even order gifts for him from online gifting sites. You can do anything and everything for him but what matters the most is your intention of making this day special for him, the love you want to express, and the respect you have for him. This is a day celebrated between a father and his kids because he being the kids’ father, is the most important person in their lives, and because of the kids, this man becomes a father. It’s an interlinked bond, connected and straight from the heart to the heart.

The internet is full of online cake delivery options and online gift delivery options. There are so many places you can take your father to on father’s day. But, during the pandemic times like these, it’s more convenient to celebrate such a special day at home with the entire family. There are so many ways you can celebrate father’s day at home and still make him feel like the king. These ideas can help you plan a nice father’s day at home.

Not the Same Game

Plan a fun evening with your father and the entire family, and organize different games for everyone to play jointly. You can play that requires blindfolding, running, jumping, singing, dancing, etc. All you’ll feel is joy, all you’ll hear is laughter, and all you’ll see is the happiness in your father’s eyes on having fun with his own family. Nothing comes to him before family, and quality time with them is the best way of making him feel understood and loved. Don’t forget to order your father’s favorite food for a family dinner and cake cutting after, for it could make an excellent dessert for you all.

Dance on the Chance

Because now we are grown-up people and our parents are older than us, our definition of a fun night has changed a lot: Theirs and ours, both. You can use this father’s day to take your daddy dear back to the memory lane when simple nights of fun and laughter used to be the best nights ever. Organize a dance night, make 20-30 little chits, and put them in a bowl, everyone in the family will participate, and they’ll have to dance on any tack that comes out of the bowl. They can choose partners also at different levels of the game. You can also ask them to dance like someone else, and then you all can surprise your father with a secretly choreographed dance performance for him. He’ll never forget this evening in his entire life.

Talk it out

During the entire day, sit with your father for half an hour at least, at equal intervals of time, and pick topics like “this is why I love you,” “this is what you’ve taught me,” “this is why I am a nice person because of you,” “this is how much I respect you and for this,” etc., talk to your father at regular intervals of time about what you feel about him. Sit in front of him, make eye contact and say what’s in your heart, you can even write him letters and read them in front of him during the day, one by one, in the end, you can give your father a tight hug. Lay a bet, and he’ll hug you tighter than you hug him and might even shed one or two happy tears.

Spa Surprise

Watch YouTube videos if you want, collect equipment and products beforehand, be it a sheet mask, scrubs, moisturizer, etc., and give your father an in-house spa massage, facial, manicure, pedicure, though a lot of men never accept that they like this kind of treatment from time-to-team, they do. Give your father special treatment with the utmost professionalism, and watch him relax. That would give you so much happiness within. Give him rest, relaxation, calmness, and load shedding this father’s day. It will all be worth it.

Inside or outside the home, you can make your father happy this father’s day just by having pure intentions of love towards him. These little gestures won’t take much of your time, but they would mean a ‘forever’ for your father. He loves you 100 but says it 1. That’s how he is. You know he holds an entire ocean of love for you in his heart. You need to deep-dive in it this time.

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