The casino always has bright emotions and an opportunity to win good money. Many people come to the casino, wanting to get actual tests and test themselves for strength. In this article, we will talk about the 7 most exciting casino games. You can learn more about casino games at

1. Poker


Who would doubt that poker will come first? Various tournaments with massive prize funds are constantly held on it. The rules are quite simple: you need to collect the best combination of five cards. In total, you will need to memorize ten combinations. And there are also a considerable number of variants of poker itself, but the rules are similar everywhere.

2. Craps


This game is based on dice and the number seven. But not everything is so simple. In fact, the rules in this game are quite complicated, but with experience, it becomes much easier to play. An important note – do not confuse this game with what teenagers play on the street. Real craps is a game where bets are placed, and in the end, the one with the most points wins.

3. Blackjack


Quite a popular and interesting game. The croupier deals two cards to himself and the player. The winner is the one whose card total is closest or equal to 21. The game is interesting at least because there are craftsmen who can “count” cards, that is, remember those cards that have already left the game.

And based on that, they make a guess about what the next card will be. Unfortunately, the casino does not like such people very much and does not allow them to visit their establishments again.

4. Slot machines

A very popular and addictive gambling game. The bottom line is that you need to throw a coin into the slot, then pull the handle or press the button. The wheels start spinning in the machine. The winnings depend on which pictures on the wheels match each other.

5. Roulette


The essence of the game is that the player makes a bet on where the ball will fall. He can bet both on a specific number and on a color, and so on. The more accurate the player’s choice, the more the jackpot. Very similar to a sports tote.

6. Pai Gow Poker

This game is very similar to regular hold’em. One of the differences is that the players do not play against each other, but against the casino. Each is dealt seven cards. From them, you need to collect the best combination and compare it with the dealer’s combination.

7. Keno


This is a game that is essentially a lottery. The player is given a piece of paper with 80 numbers. He needs to mark 20 numbers on it to choose from. After that, the host calls the winning 20 numbers. The more matches a player has, the bigger the win.

It is important to remember that any casino game is a lottery, so no one can guarantee you a win. That is why it is important to soberly assess your chances and manage your money wisely so as not to lose everything.