Tromsø, known as the “Gateway to the Arctic,” is a prime location for witnessing the mesmerizing Northern Lights. While many tourists opt for a Northern Lights cruise to catch this natural phenomenon, there’s another option that offers distinct advantages: a glamping cabin stay in Tromsø.

This article from WonderInn delves into why settling into a cozy cabin might just be the superior choice for your aurora-viewing adventure. Let’s explore.

The Appeal of Tromsø for Northern Lights Viewing


Geographical Advantage

Tromsø’s geographical location makes it a standout destination for Northern Lights viewing. Situated well above the Arctic Circle, the city offers long nights and clear skies, providing optimal conditions for observing the auroras from the many mirrored glass cabins located there. The high latitude increases both the frequency and the intensity of these mesmerizing displays, giving you a high chance of witnessing the spectacle.

Additional Attractions

But there’s more to Tromsø than just the Northern Lights. The city is a hub for Arctic adventures, offering activities like dog sledding, whale watching, and snowmobiling. Whether it’s exploring the Arctic Cathedral or taking a cable car ride up the Storsteinen Mountain for panoramic views, Tromsø packs a punch when it comes to additional attractions to fill your daytime hours.

The Experience of a Northern Lights Cruise

What to Expect

A Northern Lights cruise typically offers a blend of leisure and spectacle. These cruises often feature comfortable accommodations, dining options, and sometimes onboard entertainment. The main draw, of course, is the opportunity to view the Northern Lights from the open sea, away from the city’s light pollution.


Despite the allure, cruises come with a set of drawbacks. One major limitation is limited mobility; you’re confined to the ship and can’t change your location if weather conditions aren’t ideal. Crowded decks can also detract from the experience, as everyone clamors for the best viewing spot. Additionally, while ships move away from city lights, they generate their own light pollution, which can compromise the visibility and brilliance of the auroras.

Advantages of a Glamping Cabin Stay

Unobstructed Views

Glamping cabins in Tromsø are often situated in locations that offer expansive, unobstructed views of the night sky. Unlike a cruise ship, there’s no deck crowd to navigate or onboard lights dimming the brilliance of the auroras. You get a front-row seat to nature’s theater, all to yourself.

Privacy and Comfort

One of the standout benefits of a glamping cabin is the privacy and comfort it offers. You have a cozy, well-equipped accommodation that’s entirely yours for the duration of your stay. This privacy enhances the emotional impact of the Northern Lights experience, making it intimate and personal.


With a cabin as your base, you have the flexibility to move around and explore multiple viewing spots. Whether you want to set up a camera for long-exposure shots or simply lie on a blanket and gaze upwards, the choice is yours. If weather conditions are less than ideal in one location, you can easily drive to another, increasing your chances of a spectacular viewing experience.

Types of Glamping Cabins in Tromsø


Waterfront Cabins

Waterfront cabins offer the best of both worlds: the serenity of being near water and an excellent vantage point for the Northern Lights. These cabins often feature large windows or open terraces that face the water, providing a reflective surface that can enhance the aurora viewing experience.

Mountain-Adjacent Cabins

If you prefer a loftier perspective, consider a cabin adjacent to the mountains. These locations offer elevated views that can stretch for miles, giving you an expansive canvas on which the Northern Lights can paint their vivid colors. The higher altitude may also reduce the likelihood of cloud cover, offering clearer skies.

Eco-Friendly Cabinsv

For the environmentally conscious traveler, Tromsø also offers eco-friendly glamping cabins. These units prioritize sustainability without sacrificing comfort, often using renewable energy sources and sustainable materials. The benefit? You can enjoy the Northern Lights knowing that your stay has a lower impact on the environment you’ve come to appreciate.

Cost Comparison

Cruise Costs

Northern Lights cruises typically come with a higher price tag, especially for premium services like fine dining and onboard entertainment. Prices can vary widely but expect to pay a premium for the bundled experience. While this includes accommodations and some meals, the cost can quickly escalate with additional excursions or premium dining options.

Glamping Cabin Costs

Glamping cabins in Tromsø offer a range of pricing options based on location, amenities, and season. While some luxury cabins with premium amenities can approach or even exceed cruise prices, there are budget-friendly options available. You also have the freedom to choose your own dining and entertainment, which can be more cost-effective.

Value for Money

When it comes to value for money, glamping cabins often have the edge. The privacy, comfort, and flexibility you get with a cabin are hard to quantify but can significantly enhance your Northern Lights experience. Additionally, the option to cook your own meals or choose less expensive dining options gives you more control over your budget. In contrast, cruises offer a packaged experience that, while convenient, comes at a premium and with less personalization.


A glamping cabin in Tromsø offers a more personalized, flexible, and intimate Northern Lights experience compared to a cruise. You get unobstructed views, privacy, and better value for your money. For a truly immersive aurora-viewing adventure, a cabin stay is the superior choice.