MFC-L2700DW Printer

The Brother MFC-L2700DW Printer is safe, affordable, and are compatible with all of the devices like tablets, mac PCs, smartphones, etc. people love to use these printers in their homes as well as their offices place. It provides you with many facilities like- faxing, printing, copying, scanning, etc. Moreover, the best feature of this printer is that it can print several types of paper at a time.

With all these benefits sometimes users have also come up with the error ‘Brother MFC-L2700DW Offline’. This error is a little frustrating as it pops up when you are printing the documents. The reason behind the Brother MFC-L2700Dw Offline can be the connection problem with the printer and the computer.

Don’t worry, below we have mentioned the troubleshooting steps and many other ways to solve this error. All the methods are easy and quick to follow. Stop when your problem is solved, let’s discuss this in detail.

Why does Brother MFC L2700DW Show the Offline Message?

Many reasons may affect the issue Brother MFC-L2700DW offline. Let’s discuss the reasons leading to this issue.

·         When your printer is in sleep mode.

·         The issue between the software and the drivers of the printer.

·         Your printer’s settings are not appropriate.

·         When you are having or creating some kind of changes in your computer or in the windows system.

·         If there is a sole deviation in your power off the connection.

·         Shortage of power will also affect this issue.

Troubleshooting steps to fix This Brother MFC-L2700DW Printer Offline Issue

Step 1: Check if the Brother MFC-L2700DW Printer is turned ON and there are no errors on the screen.

·         Check if your printer’s LCD screen is blank or not if it is blank then your printer is not powered on.

·         Now check whether your printer is in sleeping mode, if it is then wake it up.

·         If it is still off then check your power cable.

·         Lastly, check if there is an error on your LCD screen or not. If it shows the error then troubleshoot it so that you can clear the issue.

Step 2: Make sure Brother MFC-L2700DW Printer is connected to the computer with USB or WiFi.

·         If you have a connection with the USB cable, then check if the cable is connected to both ends of the computer and the printer.

·         Now connect your printer directly with the computer’s USB.

·         If you have connected it with the eternal cable then be sure that it is connected with both ends of your router and the printer.

·         To know the IP address of your printer just print out the network configuration from your printer.

·         If your printer has a connection with the router then use the wifi or the wireless connection.

·         Now again to know the IP address of your brother printer then print the page of the network configuration.

Step 3: Set Brother MFC L2700DW as a default printer (Windows 10).

·         First, open your control panel or the settings.

·         After that click on the devices and printers option.

·         Lastly, just click right of the brother printer and select to set it as the default printer.

Step 4: Delete all the pending documents from the print queue.

·         In the first step click right on the printer’s icon.

·         Then click on the what’s printing.

·         Then select the printer’s option from the windows.

·         Lastly, select the option to cancel all the documents.

Step 5: Check Brother Printer status in Devices and Printers windows.

·         If you find that your MFC-L2700DW printer is showing offline then right-click on your printer’s option and check what is printing.

·         Then go to the printer and from the option use printer offline just delete the checkmark.

·         Now if you see that your printer’s status is indicating Windstream kinetic click on your brother printer and check out what it is printing, after that go to the printer and click on the pause the printing so that it can remove the checkmark.

Step 6: Make sure there is no copy of the Brother MFC L2700DW Printer icon.

·         Here if you find any of the copies of your MFC-L2700DW printer then you have to delete it from your list.

·         Then from the control panel just uninstall the printer.

·         Now download brother printer’s latest drivers.

·         Lastly, install your printer again.

We hope that by following the above stepwise methods you are successful in resolving this issue. If you still face any kind of issue feel free to contact us.

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