Audience Engagement

The reason behind hosting virtual events is to connect with the audience is to drive audience engagement rates to your brand. Also, as many as 49% of event organizers believe that audience engagement is one of the factors that determine the success of the virtual event. But, an unfortunate thing is that most organizers don’t know appropriate ways to keep the audience engaged.

Hence, keeping this in mind, we have come up with some of the most preferred ways to keep the audience engaged and boost audience engagement in a virtual conference. 

Define What’s Audience Engagement For You: 

Audience engagement rate is one of the most crucial factors that will help you improve lead generation, expand brand awareness, and increase the popularity of your brand. Hence, while you are planning the virtual event, define your goals, and strategize how you can use audience engagement to meet those goals. For example, if you are planning to introduce a product to the audience, you can use audience engagement tools such as running social media campaigns to divert the audience’s attention. Also, while you are planning to host your virtual event, make sure you select a platform that comes with event analytics. It will help you keep a track of your audience activities and later plan your marketing strategy accordingly. 

Use a Customizable Virtual Event Platform: 

The next thing you need to plan is to select an expert virtual event platform. While you select the platform ensure that you choose a 3D customizable virtual event platform. It will help you design and execute your ideas according to your needs and demands. Also, while you choose the platform, make sure it comes with in-built audience engagement tools. These tools will help you keep your audience engaged. Look for tools such as Live Q&A, Live Polls, and Live Chat. If your event doesn’t have audience engagement tools, there won’t be any two-way communication. Not only this, while you plan your virtual event, make sure you keep the content short, keeping the short attention spans of humans in mind. In addition, provide your audience with different tools to keep themselves engaged and hooked to the event. 

Leverage Entertainment: 

The most common and preferred way of keeping your audience engaged during the virtual event is to hire and leverage entertainment. Who would like to attend a lecture? Include different ways to keep the attendees engaged and entertained throughout the virtual event. One way is to host different types of audience engaging activities, such as icebreaker games, Pictionary, happy hour, etc. Not only this, if it is a large-scale event, you can invite some professionals to entertainment sessions. These activities and sessions will keep your attendees active and excited throughout the event. 

Gamify Your Virtual Event: 

The next thing you can do is include gamification features in your virtual event. This feature will help you add a little bit of fun and thrill to your virtual event. Not only this, research shows that around 59% of event organizers use gamification tools to keep their audience engaged in their virtual events. In addition, you can also use leaderboard tools to intensify the fun. The attendees will get a few points for completing tasks, and the attendees who remain at the top of the leaderboard will get some prizes. It is a great way to attract and encourage your attendees to take part in it and play games. Not only gamification, but you can also use live polls to reward your attendees with some points. It will keep the attendees on their toes, as they might expect a live poll at any time. 

Use Audio Translators: 

If you want to expand the reach of your virtual event, you can use multilingual translators. Not only will it allow you to improve the reach of your virtual event, but it will also enable you to improve the inclusivity of your attendees. Since it would be a virtual event, you can expect a global audience to watch and attend your virtual event. Now, if you want them to enjoy the event, you can use multilingual translators. If they find out that you have gone an extra mile to make the global attendees feel welcomed, they will start looking up to your brand. Just think, only using translators will help you expand the reach of your audience by 50%. 

Keep the Sessions Short: 

Though virtual events have several advantages, they have their limitations also. One is that virtual events come with several distractions. What adds to it is the short attention span of humans. Hence, if you want to ensure complete attendee attention throughout the virtual event, keep the sessions short and crisp. Avoid adding irrelevant content, and provide only the important information to the attendees. Also, include breaks between sessions; it will help them refresh their minds. 

There’s no doubt that virtual events require a skill set and some brainstorming. Also, one of the major concerns that the organizers have while they host the virtual event is to maintain audience engagement rates. We hope this guide has helped you get some ideas that will ensure you maximum attendee engagement rates.

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