Best PDF reader

There are two aims purposes to using PDF files

  • Business: forms can be created in PDF format and people have to fill them.
  • E-book reading: files are easily accessible that help in reading.

There is another less famous kind of PDF reader app. The compact style apps support both PDF and non PDF files.  Generally, PDF applications only serve one of two of these purposes, we have assembled some of the best PDF reader apps for both Android and iPhone.

Adobe Acrobat Reader

This is the ultimate choice application for a lot of people. This application can interpret and make notes on PDFs, fill forms, storage, and maintenance, and signing signatures. You will have Material Design experience and assistance for 18:9 with other ratios. This is obviously beyond book reading or any other thing like that so we advise you to use it only for business purposes. Some subscription charges provide some more features. It is good for basic purpose use.


This is the most efficient PDF reader and maker. CamScanner can construct PDFs. This application has numerous other features to improve the quality of scanning which helps to design some crisp and neat documents. PDFs files can be annotated, or even one can easily fax them with some charges. Physical documents can also be scanned on your phone. CanScanner has also paid package that provides some extra features like 10 GB space, editing features, and many more but a free version is more than enough for simple stuff.


This is a business-use PDF reader application. The basic purpose of DocuSign is to open the documents, authorized you to fill and sign them, and sends files wherever you want to share. This application provides this facility free of cost. There are some charges versions like users have to pay $ 10 every month for some extra features and $25-$40 for some more. Until anyone of you is not using it for professional purposes there is no need to buy the paid package.

Fast Scanner

This is also a PDF scanner application but it is not as efficient as CanScanner. This simple but nifty application will scan files and by using the camera of your mobile phone turn them into JPEG or PDF files for later use. The fast scanner has plenty of other options to sharpen and cleans the scan files as much as possible before completing anything. The most important feature of the Fast scanner application is freely available. The Premium version is also free and can easily get from Google Play Pass.

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