Blogging is a sizable way to share your thoughts opinions adventure, wisdom, and musing with all over the world. Most of us spend busy lives and continuously run from one way to another, sometimes it becomes difficult to allocate time after coming back home and updating blogs regularly that is why many of us have turned to write and arranging our personal achieves through our smartphones. Here are some blogging apps that make the process painless and feasible from your mobile phone.

Blogging Platform: WordPress or Blogger

Before starting blogging, the user must have to select the forum on which can publish their website. A plethora of free hosted options is available for example WordPress and Blogger. Both of these programs have customized apps that allow the user to edit, compose and publish their posts on the go. The fundamental difference between WordPress and Blogger is that Blogger is somehow simple to configure and use as compared to WordPress. On the other hand, WordPress is convenient and customizable to transit over a self-hosted site when the user surpasses the bonus of free offering. Free official apps are available for smartphones whichever you pick for writing. Blogger is WordPress both are free and easily downloadable on iOS and android.

Text Editor: Google Docs

Google Docs is free of cost and available on android phones. Users can undoubtedly compose text posts in this blogging app. this is in general not a good idea as it is so convenient to lose your data. So users must compose all of their posts in Google Docs so that all data will always be backed up and easily available on every platform. By adding trusted friends with strong grammar skills to your documents via collaborative features of Google Docs users can get another set of eyes on any copy that users are unsure of.

Photo Editor: Pixlr Express

For a successful blog, beautiful and engaging imagery is an absolute necessity. Some years before, no one even could imagine properly edit images from a mobile phone, but with the revolution on recent technology of photo editing apps, this becomes possible in reality. Numerous photo editing apps can be recommended pixlr Express is also one of the best. This app permits the user to quickly and easily adjust the crop, correct, apply filters, edit writings, and many more. This photo editor can make collages, fix red eyes, and white teeth, and can also apply artistic-looking carry catchers. This is free of cost and for the users of android and iOS.

Social networking: Buffer

Appealing your readers to the many relevant social networks is an important way to maintain and create further readership. It becomes extremely hard to be active and post regularly on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Polyvore, and LinkedIn. This is quite a useful web app that permits the writer to queue up all social network posts for various sites and can automatically post them at specific intervals.

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