Social media and video streaming websites are greatly enjoyed by people. We introduce you, Avple. An easy-to-use video streaming platform that offers much more than just video sharing.

How is Avple different?

It has become a very popular video-sharing space. Its availability is not worldwide but it is recognized and enjoyed by the masses. Avple offers video streaming at different resolutions which tends to benefit the viewers who would view at a lower resolution to save mobile data expenditures. When wifi is available one can easily switch to a higher resolution.

Avple also allows the users to download their desired videos so that they can easily view them when they are offline. The option of downloading the video is indirectly available by the way of VideoDownhub. Direct downloading isn’t available, unfortunately.

More details about Avple

Avple being a unique video streaming space is under the firm called NBCUniversal.They allow the uploading of videos and that too free of cost. They hold the responsibility of what is uploaded on their platform as well as the uploaders can also be held accountable for their uploads.

We urge you to look into the consequences of your uploads. If something goes against their values or criteria they will put an objection to it and might even cause the deletion of the video. The uploaders are bound to follow rules and regulations for the smooth uploading of videos. The website has a page clearly stating everything. We would recommend you to view it.

Downloading Videos From Avple?

Many people who use this platform of video streaming desire to download videos. The best way possible to download videos from avple is through an indirect method. Let us describe the steps to you for your feasibility so that you can enjoy offline videos.

The platform from which you can download videos is VideoDownhub.It will check all available formatting of the videos for its download and will show the best option for it to be downloaded. This way downloading videos becomes easier. The best part is that it is free of cost.

Uploading Videos at Avple

Since Avple has gained enough popularity among the masses and is rising day by day, the videos at Avple are destined to get better views. The creator who looks forward to better performance and recognition of his work should try uploading at Avple because of its popularity. Another reason to upload at Avple is the ease of uploading videos. The creator can upload the content with no hassle at all except if the videos don’t follow the platform’s regulatory rules. Your videos through Avple are bound to get effective marketing and that with so much ease.

For those who run online businesses and strive to spread their business through social media platforms and other video streaming sites often are on the look for new platforms to access additional customers. Platforms like Avple tend to benefit online businesses by being free of cost, easy to function and feasible. Providing a wide range of viewers avple offers free advertisement and marketing of businesses. The rules for uploading are also simple and can be followed easily. If you are a writer, creator or you run a business feel free to give avple a try for efficient marketing. No need of getting into any hassle for marketing purposes.

There is however something to be kept in mind. The terms and conditions should be read beforehand and privacy policy should be followed strictly. The uploader is responsible for the content uploaded by him and hence it should be in accordance with the platform’s rules. This is to protect you from issues later on. The platform strictly follows their rules because they themselves are accountable for the content they keep on their platform.

Your content shouldn’t harm any sentiment whether religious, cultural or political. We would advise you to stay away from controversial issues. This would ensure a well-protected clean reputation of you as an uploader. A good creator enjoys long-term benefits for its good recognition.


Avple offers you a chance of video streaming completely free of cost and also the ability to download the video for offline viewing. It also allows you to upload your creative content on their platform to get a wider audience. Your businesses can flourish under their strategy of easy marketing. All You need is to create a profile at Avple to enjoy all its facilities. The privacy of your profile can be selected as per your choice. We would recommend content creators to visit their website to know more about the platform and its wide range of features.

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