shades sunglasses


There is much research that tells us the Importance of wearing shades as they give the best vision in bright sunlight and avoid direct radiation to come in contact with the eye. If the eyes are exposed to sunlight more they get damaged as the UV rays enter the eyes and affect them so these shades protect your eyes from getting damaged. These UV lights by entering the eyes can cause cancer and many other eye problems which are prevented by shades of sunglasses. Also, these shades make you feel younger and good-looking as they are so fashionable. Also the pollution and the wind affect your eyes to a great extent as dust and sand enter your eyes when you are riding a bike so it helps to prevent those elements from entering the eyes.


Excess of everything is bad for health likely wearing sunglasses constantly in sunlight is harmful as our eyes need a sufficient amount of sunlight to purpose in a better way and these shades block the beneficial light rays reaching your eyes. Our brain needs sunlight as it maintains several purposes.  Wearing shades constantly in day and night makes our eyes less adaptable to different light conditions. This led to loss of eye flexibility. These shades make our eyes work more as in darkness they have to work more and this puts constant pressure on the eyes and this also causes eye fatigue. Wearing shades constantly affects sleeping schedules as during daylight our eyes are in darkness which affects sleep rhythms.


Shades sunglasses are also a fashionable accessory. With the protection of the eyes, it also enhances your fashion and makes you look good. These shades are of different shapes and designs such as square, round, rectangle, etc. These different sunglasses come in different sizes to match the face size and to look amazing. There are also sports sunglasses which help to play easily in bright light. They are designed in a way that they do not fall while playing and no dust and particles enter your eyes while playing. These various types of shades of sunglasses are of different functions and can be used in many different ways and help a person to work efficiently and look better.


 People should wear sunglasses such as tinted readers in daylight when going outside and getting in direct contact with sunlight so that different types of radiation cannot affect our eyes but wearing them constantly would put an extra burden on our eyes and this could cause serious problems to our eyes. So a person should not wear it day and night and every time as an excess of everything is harmful and affects life.


Q1. How to choose the best shades of sunglasses?

ANS: A person when choosing the best shades of sunglasses has to keep in mind that he is choosing the sunglasses with strong UV radiation protection and which best fit your face shape. It should be according to trends of the time. The size of sunglasses matters a lot and a person should buy those types of sunglasses which he could wear any time.

Q2. Is buying expensive shades of sunglasses beneficial?

ANS: Expensive shades are worth it as they have the best designs to fit your face. They have high-quality materials which are more durable and comfortable. As high quality costs a high making price which is the reason they are beneficial.

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