brochure design software
brochure design software

In common day to day life, a normal person gets a number of brochures from various sources, may be at traffic signal or through door-to-door agents. You may get a lot of brochures about new local gym, grocery store or any shopping mall in your area. The main aim of the brochure is to communicate about the company, their products and services offered, etc. There are thousands of styles, themes and designs available from which you can choose for your brochure and definitely you can even customize the design as per your requirements and comfort.  You can invest in the right brochure design software to create amazing styles and designs matching your business requirements and objectives. 

The design of the brochure plays a very important role in making it attractive to the potential customers. A person may decide it by giving a single look whether to spend more time looking at the contents of the brochure or not. The more attractive the design of the brochure would be, the greater number of customers will it be able to convert easily. A good design would make the audience really active to read more about the details within the brochure. You need a good brochure printing software to convert more customers. 

Points to consider while making a brochure:

1. Target audience

The design of the brochure should be decided by taking into account the target audience of the product or service of the brand. Whenever you are designing a brochure, you should design it by keeping reader’s mind rather than seller’s mind. If the target audience is young generation, attractive colorful and bold theme and fonts should be used to make it attractive to the young generation, while at the same time if the target audience is old generation, the theme and font of the brochure should be pleasant and calming. If mature business people need to be targeted about certain technical products like machinery, elevators etc., all the necessary information and content should be more precise, proper and clearer. 

2. Brand image

The brochure tells the most about the brand image of the company as it is the only thing that is handed over that provides complete information about the company. A brochure should be systematically designed and content properly classified in different sections. A good brochure printing software provide agency may definitely have brochures for their products and services. For example, a building and construction company deals in commercial and residential projects within the country. It needs to print multiple brochures that segment all the commercial and residential projects as per different states and cities. The quality of the paper material, design tells a lot about the brand image of the company. A local grocery store would print basic economical brochures to attract maximum customers while a car manufacturer / dealer would print high quality brochures to attract a limited number of customers. 

3. Select your brochure type

It is very much important for you to decide the type of brochure you want for your company. There are various types of brochures such as Tri-fold, Z-fold, half-fold, single gate fold, double gate fold, etc. The type of brochure would completely depend upon the content and details that you need to communicate in the brochure. You can keep a basic and simple type with a classic tri-fold brochure. If you need to communicate a lot of information and details, you need to design a multiple-panel roll fold. In case if you are doing a step-by-step tutorial of your product and service, you can use a four-panel roll fold. 

4. Determine your budget

You should set an appropriate budget to get your brochures designed. You should have enough cash in hand to spare for the advertising and you should spend within the set budget only. The cost per print and the number of brochures that need to be printed should be taken into consideration. There are variety of ink options and printing techniques available for designing your brochures depending upon your budget. The more expensive the option you select, the better result you would achieve. The budget determined should consider the total amount to be spent on designing and printing the brochure and the number of copies of brochures that you need.  

5. Text and images

While designing a brochure, you should include a balance between text and images in the brochure. The images should be real or next to original product and a detailed description of the same should be included below the product. If there are many images and no text, this would make the customer confuse and they may hesitate to ask questions and queries. If there is only text and no images, it would make the brochure very dull and the customer may not be attracted to read too much. You should use headlines and sub-headers which are most important to attract customer’s attention. 

6. Print material and finish

  The print materials vary as per the budget set by you. The weight of paper, finish etc. are all included in this. The higher the weight of paper, the thicker the sheet. Generally, the brochures fall somewhere between 170 and 300 GSM (GSM is weight of one sheet of paper cut into a 1×1 meter square). Similarly, you can select the finish of the brochure, like you need matte finish, glossy finish or semi-glossy finish for your brochure. The finish would make the customer feel good in hands. 

It does not take much efforts to design a brochure but if you want a really good design for your brochure, you need to take care of the above-mentioned points. You can look for high quality brochure design software and it would do wonders for your business. Do some research in the market and invest in the right web to print software for your business.