Outdoor Dining Space

Meals at home are like no other. Spending meals at home is incomparable. The comfort, convenience and contentment from both is just a chef’s kiss! Now, imagine having a cool outdoor dining space at home, where you could have extra special meals and moments. That would be fantastic, right? Right! 

Some houses have outdoor kitchens, which could be their secondary kitchen or actually their only kitchen. Some also have outdoor dining areas! Yes, not only restaurants have them. Many homeowners prefer to have their abodes be customized with al fresco dining as well. It may not be a very popular trend in standard home designs, but it is truly loved and enjoyed by those that own them. 

Let’s look more at their awesomeness. Here are 8 benefits of having an outdoor dining space at home!

1 – Dine close to nature without leaving home.

Sometimes, the bustling daily life is just so exhausting and sapping the energy out of you, and a breather is what you surely need. A change of environment, going somewhere surrounded with trees and flowers, can help. When you have an outdoor dining space right there at home, then you will not need to travel far to get that nature-filled experience. You can dine close to nature without leaving home! 

Just set the tables, wipe them if they were left uncovered for a while, serve your home-cooked dishes, and viola! You can savor a sweet lunch or dinner with nature around you. This would totally work out as expected, particularly if the patch where the al fresco dining is situated is near or in your garden or grassy backyard.

2 – It’s an extended space for big families.

If you have a big family, you need a big home space too. However, if your interiors really can’t hold everyone to dine inside or if it’s too crowded if everybody’s there, then an outdoor dining space will be your saving grace. It can serve as an extended zone for your huge family’s meal time together. You will not be really far from each other though because you’re still in the same house! You will just do a little adjustment to make things work for you all to have a nice and comfortable dining time. 

3 – Your guests will love the food and the view.

You are beautifying and jazzing up your house for your own goodness’ sake. Beyond the feeling of fulfillment is the improvement of your quality of living. What’s more, presentability is achieved. You will feel more confident and proud when your house is well-kept. It becomes presentable.

Adding an outdoor dining space to your house is like adding an artwork to a wall. It’s like adding a focal point in your home design, but this time, it’s really a whole space or room that you’re adding. This is where you can welcome your guests and catch up with some snacks or full meals. Having it provides you a place where you can let your visitors stay while the kitchen and the dining area are messy. You can also just let them have your home-made meals there since it’s an outdoor dining space. No doubt, your guests will love the food and the view especially if the area is embraced by nature. 

4 – Natural and healthier ventilation

Nothing beats fresh air! Having an outdoor dining space allows you to eat well while benefiting from natural ventilation that’s healthier than air coming from air conditioning units and more comfortable than electric fans. 

When you are feeling suffocated inside the house, particularly during hot summer seasons, and it’s so uncomfortable to eat and stay in your dining room, go outside but not far. Go to your outdoor dining space to at least relieve the sticky, sweaty feel. Needless to say, the al fresco area must be covered with a huge umbrella or an actual roof that’s connected to your house, so that sun rays won’t directly get to your skin.  

5 – Less electricity costs

How horrifying the rising prices of commodities is! Food, oil and energy – everything’s just becoming more and more expensive. Helping you in its own way, an outdoor dining space can accommodate you and lessen your house’s electricity costs. Since you are outside the whole time you’re at the outdoor dining area, you can turn off all the lights and appliances in the dining room and kitchen inside the house. If everybody’s outside, then you can switch off everything that’s not being used inside the house. You’ll be seriously cutting energy costs if you do that!  

6 – Forgo the walls, and feel the sun.

Surely, you’re aware how many people today spend so much time indoors, without receiving Vitamin D from Mr. Sun, and it’s not so healthy because there are nutrients that the body cannot get if concrete walls keep blocking their way. Outdoor dining spaces at home offer a great way for people to step out of the house and see the outside world. Even if it’s not just for an hour, at least, you will be able to forgo the walls and feel the sun. Your skin will thank you!

7 – An instant relaxation zone

It’s quite obvious since the beginning, but let’s put more emphasis on this specific advantage. When you are tired and stressed out, one of the ways to rest is to be outside, be in the midst of nature, be a recipient of clean air. An outdoor dining space becomes an instant relaxation zone. And you don’t even have to be eating breakfast, lunch or dinner to sit back and unwind there. Anytime, you can visit this outdoor area and just ease off. 

8 – Perfect for family celebrations

In times you don’t want to book a party place and just want to dig in home-cooked meals and play parlor games right before or after meals, your own outdoor dining space at home is the key. It is perfect for family celebrations and gatherings, especially when this area is big, like your family! You can decorate it for your special occasions, and the hassle of cleaning up after a party is not that enormous compared to when you’re spending it indoors! Lastly, it’s more bank-saving that way!   



Definitely fabulous and functional in many ways! Have an outdoor dining space tailor-made for you by professional custom home builders you can trust. Make the most out of every space in your property! It’s beautiful inside out!  


Nicole Ann Pore is a writer, an events host and a voice over artist. Quality and well-researched writing is her worthwhile avenue to enlighten and delight others about things that matter. She is a daytime writer for Worthington Homes, a trust-worthy Sydney builder specializing in residential construction. Nicole graduated Cum Laude from De La Salle University Manila, Philippines with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts.