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7 Out-of-The-Box Event Engagement Ideas For 2024

Looking for unique and exciting event ideas? Look no further! Here are seven out-of-the-box ideas that will get your guests talking and engaged. There’s something for everyone, from a murder mystery dinner to a scavenger hunt. So get creative and start planning your next event today!

7 Out-Of-Box Event Engagement Ideas For 2024

Year changes, and so do the ideas through which one can make an event engaging. Let’s look at the latest event engagement ideas.

Create A Before Event Buzz

Sending a welcome kit with products to be used in activities before the event is a smart way to promote excitement and awareness among guests. This method allows you to combine the best of both physical and virtual elements into a single event.

Another suggestion is creating a virtual kit that includes tool subscriptions, discount vouchers for an event-related app, 3D VR tools, etc. The possibilities are virtually limitless. Welcome kits can be a great way to engage your audience and extend your sponsor pool.

Display A Social Media Wall

Social media wall for events is a must-have tool for virtual, in-person, or hybrid event. In addition, a social media wall has served significant benefits to event marketers in the form of audience engagement, social proof, etc., which has made it an integral part of every event.

A social media wall is a unique real-time representation of user-generated content generated across social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc., on digital screens.

A social media wall can be used across various marketing touchpoints like hybrid events, e-commerce stores, email campaigns, websites, etc.

The benefits of a social media wall are just what event marketers look out for, such as audience engagement, social proof, a sense of trust, brand loyalty, brand advocacy, word-of-mouth marketing, increased conversion rates, and revenues.

Gamification, Quizzes & Polls

One of the most effective methods to keep your audience engaged is incorporating gamification into your events. For example, organizing a treasure hunt — an activity-based challenge – is an excellent approach to engaging attendees to interact. Rewarding them as they complete each stage will ensure that they stick with you all the way to the end.

Live polls are well-structured and efficient in obtaining audience feedback in real-time. A poll can be a multiple-choice question or something as simple as rating a session on a scale of one to ten. Then, between sessions, conduct surveys and quizzes, followed by awards, to keep your audience’s attention strong.

It’s also a valuable data source for event organizers who want to know what types of sessions drew the most attention and which ones didn’t.

Engage MCs

Organizations should start with virtual attendees when creating content with speakers, as they are the most difficult to pin down. Get dedicated MCs or moderators in a studio or on-site to make regular check-ins, updates, venue tours, and announcements that are transmitted live to the online guests. Have a dedicated virtual MC ensuring that people joining from home don’t feel forgotten.

365-Day Community

The event industry’s future is shifting toward a 365-day community model, with up to 80% of year-round interactions occurring online and the remaining 20% occurring at an annual hybrid event. Building brand loyalty and trust and increasing sales figures for returning exhibitors and partners requires a strong sense of community.

Exhibitors have found that a virtual platform with year-round interaction, networking, and content is more effective in closing business. According to statistics, up to 90% of agreements are concluded in the days and weeks preceding the event. In addition, a year-round strategy for community participation increases company opportunities, and extending the business lifecycle results in a higher return on investment.

Include Entertainment Breaks

Incorporating entertainment bites between training helps break up the monotony and provide interest. Make sure, however, that the performances connect with your audience. A song or dance performance, stand-up comedy, a flash mob, a little play relating to the event’s industry, a magic show, and so on are all possibilities. Because most people’s attention spans are short, engaging information gives a much-needed mental respite.

It can also serve as a meeting point for attendees to strike up a conversation.

Offer Diverse Content

Providing quality information should be a significant focus when successfully holding a hybrid event. Unfortunately, mixing the two mediums can easily deter event planners from prioritizing this. Still, the content of your sessions and speakers will sell the experience.

Because viewers from home will have a shorter attention span than those in the audience, ensure you include lots of comfort breaks and interactive activities. Give something new to digital audiences while immersing them in exciting themes.

It’s critical to ensure that all your guests have a positive experience. Still, unique content like this may make or break your event’s online success.

Wrapping Up!

To increase event engagement, try using creative ideas like social media scavenger hunts, photo booths, or social media walls. And make sure to include a clear call to action to help attendees take action after the event.

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