condo rentals fort myers beach

Planning to visit Fort Myers Beach but also stressed about the budget? Don’t worry; beach rentals got the perfect solution for you. The condo rentals are perfect for your vacations and will definitely not cut through your pockets. Some worthy real estate property owners have been awarded the title of “Best of Fort Myers Beach” many times. Indeed, you can make the best choices from plenty of options.

Rent these apartments or condos every week, and this will make ends meet by letting you go out for a memorable vacation and for rentals to serve you better. They can provide you with clusters of condo rentals Fort Myers beach that you and your family and friends will love. 

You get an amazing beaching time with your friends and families; that’s pretty evident. The beach is so close that your little ones can spend hours splashing and swimming in the water. Other fun activities can be surfing, building a sandcastle, and collecting seashells, or just a calming walk at the seashore can boost your mood. 

Things to do at Fort Myers Beach

Apart from enjoying a gala time on the beach with your loved ones, you may also ride the town and explore many opportunities for recreation. Let us find some below-

Navigate through waterways and find some Dolphins

Explore Florida’s wildlife by getting up close and personal with some friends from nature, such as dolphins, manatees, pelicans and sea-turtle, and many more. That’s the beauty of visiting a seashore that you can take your own mini adventurous trip. This can be done in the span of two to three hours.

Jetski rentals

The most frolicking activity of Fort Myers Beach is riding the jetski and roaming around in the sea with a partner. Two amazing places where you must make a stop are Sanibel island and its sister island, Captiva island.

As the name suggests, the captivating view of this island is remarkable, and you can catch the lucky fish here and stop by for some nice food and hospitality from the restaurants nearby. 


Yet another striking factor of the beach is parasailing. You can book a ride for an hour with the most trusted parasailing people who have 10+years of experience and have flown from age 2 to 100. For them, your safety is a priority. They make sure you have fun while being completely risk-free. 

Scavenger hunt 

How cool is that? You can go scavenger hunting in real-time! This exciting activity comes with solving problems and fixing puzzles, finding the meaning of couplets, and finally reaching the point where the treasure is located. 

On His Great Invention, it would take about three to four hours for a team to complete the task. The scavenger hunt is a great idea for couples, for a group of friends who are celebrating bachelorette parties. The trivia is epic for adults. 

Shell Excursion 

The Big Hockery Island provides an ideal place for shell collection and gathering. You can join the captain to explore the distinct seashells, which are absolutely gorgeous. If provided with proper gears, you can do snorkeling, which can be pretty awesome. This will help you explore the corals and taste the fun of deep-sea diving. 

Lovers Key State Park

Another beautiful destination to visit with your loved one is the Lovers Key State Park, where you can join a local guide and take a boat for paddling. You can also learn about the history of the Conquistadors and learn about the local ecology from the tour guide. The history of Native Americans can also excite you. 

Tiki Boat Beach Tour

This includes a half-day tiki boat tour around the coastal region of Lovers Key State Park. You can enjoy the calm and soothing environment of the area because it is vessel is private. All you got to do is to prior book the place and then chill and enjoy the serene nature. 

You can carry your own snack, and they also provide you with coolers. The boat is unshaded, which can be a good source for you to have vitamin D and get a tan.


So if you’re looking for a place to soak up some sun and enjoy the gorgeous Florida beaches, Fort Myers Beach should definitely be at the top of your list. With its white sand beaches, crystal-clear water, and laid-back atmosphere, it’s easy to see why this beach town is such a popular destination. And in the fact that it’s close to both Naples and Miami, and it’s no wonder why people flock here year after year. If you’re looking for a place to relax and recharge, Fort Myers Beach is definitely worth checking out.

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