Online Forms

Building and maintaining your online presence has become a necessity in today’s world. As a result, online forms are among the most frequently used internet marketing tools.

They are used so often that you can find plenty of online form tools to help launch your business. But if you have no idea how to start with online forms or build your online form, intelyForms is here for you.

It helps to save time and share data easily. Here, we will share five online form types every small business should have on its website.

What are online forms?

Online forms can be a great way to collect information from customers, available leads, and clients. You can create an online contact us form using intelyForms.

Forms are useful for collecting information, but they can also help improve your website’s conversion rates. That is because it makes it easier for people to find the information they need. In addition, it’s all a great way to get customer feedback.

Why is it important?


Online forms are immensely important for any business website as they aid in increasing conversions and sales leads and relieve some pressure off the desk of your sales team.

Every business needs to collect data from their potential customers, and here are five reasons why:

1. Collect email addresses for future marketing purposes.

2. Collect feedback and reviews from your website visitors.

3. Creating a knowledge base with frequently asked questions (FAQ) or answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ).

4. Accept payments directly on your website for products or services (payment gateways).

5. Collect information about new prospects like names, email addresses, phone numbers, and other information required for lead generation campaigns (lead generation).

You can add several forms to your website, but let’s discuss intelyForms five online forms that every small business should have on their website.

Contact Form:

A contact form is a collection of questions that your visitor fills out on your website and which is then automatically delivered to your email address. A webpage on a website allows visitors to contact the website’s owner. 

Name, address, and type of remark forms are available on the page. Most company websites also provide email and mailing addresses; however, the contact form provides a quick and easy option for users to ask the company inquiries.

Leads generation Form:

This form might be right if you’re looking for more than just contact info! Lead generation forms are designed to collect more information about your visits to better help them in the future.

You can ask questions like what industry they work in, what type of project they’re working on, etc… Of course, the more information you ask for, the better, but don’t go overboard, or it will become too much work for you later on!

Subscription Form:

This form is useful for running a subscription service or selling ongoing products (such as club memberships or product bundles).

It allows users to sign up for updates and newsletters from your business without entering their contact details each time they buy something new from you.

Invoice Payment Form:

We provide a bill payment form that you can use to pay your invoice online. This invoice payment form is a simple, easy-to-use tool that will help you efficiently pay your bill.

The invoice payment form has been developed with the latest technology and provides all the information related to your invoice.

You can easily fill up the details of your company and submit them along with your cheque to our office address. The invoice payment form is available for free download without charges or obligations. IntelyForms is a no-code, best online form builder that can be embedded and integrated directly into your workflows.

Purchase order form:

A purchase order is a document used by a company to request materials or services from another company.

The purchaser sends the purchase order to the vendor, who must fill it within a designated period. If the vendor fails to meet this requirement, the purchaser can cancel the order without penalty.

Benefits of online forms:

  • Online forms are available to anyone with internet access, so you don’t have to worry about getting a hard copy back in the mail. Fortunately, there are already many platforms online that services a free form builder. This makes it easier for people who live far away or doesn’t have easy access to mail services (e.g., people without credit cards or those who live in remote areas).
  • Online forms ensure that only authorized people have access to your information, which helps prevent identity theft, fraud, and other security risks.
  • Online forms can be updated easily and automatically, eliminating the need for repeated requests for information or changes to the form itself.
  • The ability to save an incomplete form and then come back later and finish it allows people to complete their work at their convenience. It is especially useful for those who work at odd times or doesn’t have access to a computer during normal business hours.
  • You can easily track each form submission’s progress through an online control panel or dashboard. For example, you will know how many people have submitted their details, how many have completed certain sections of the form, and whether users have made any errors.
  • It will help you improve your service delivery over time and ensure that everything runs smoothly.
  • You do not need to spend extra money on printing materials or postage costs because all information is stored electronically on servers instead of being printed out and mailed back by customers.


While online forms are growing in popularity, they still wield strength. intelyForms is here to help when you are trying to gather information or create a survey, and no matter the reason, we have a solution for you.

It doesn’t matter if it’s for business purposes or personal ones, intelyForms will offer you a solution to your need. Our online forms have helped various online businesses and start-ups forms with their development needs over the years.