During the holidays, each of us is looking for something with which we can spend our free time in the best possible way. That way, each of us would be happy and satisfied, enjoy the time ahead of us, and be simply grateful to have enjoyed the weekend. So each of us is looking for something interesting, and lately, watching a movie or some other recorded content together with our partner or family is more interesting and a better choice for each of us. So it might be a good idea to spend this weekend watching one of the most popular movies currently streaming on streaming platforms that are available to everyone.

Streaming platforms are the best choice for you on the weekends because by paying a monthly or annual subscription you will be able to enjoy some of the most popular content during every free moment during the weekends. For example, more and more people are opting for Apple TV, a platform that allows you to enjoy some of the best movie content without ads and interruptions. If Apple TV is the best choice for you if you also prefer this platform for the moments when you want to watch some movie content, in that case, you are making the right choice, as well as a large number of other people who watch movies that are popular at the moment. And who are the most popular now in August?


Every month, the most popular content on these streaming platforms is ranked, so this month we already know which are the most popular choices for viewers so far. Most of the contents are from the English-speaking world, but some have been produced in other countries but are in English, which have been taken care of primarily by teams of tutors who prepare the actors for the films, and you can check out their native tutors who have worked with them so that they can speak perfect English and the film looks ideal. Some of them are in the top list of Apple TV, and which ones are the most popular for this month, we will tell you below, why exactly that is our topic today. Let’s see together which are the movie contents that are the most common choice of Apple TV users, according to which you can make your choice for the weekend. Let’s get started!

  1. Cha Cha Real Smooth (2024) – the first movie in the list, which is currently the number 1 choice of the majority of users on the Apple TV platform, is exactly the movie Cha Cha Real Smooth. It is a very interesting film, a comedy with a bit of drama that talks about the love that develops between two of the characters. This love lasts a short time, but the way it unfolds is very interesting. There are many interesting and spontaneous moments in the film that you will surely like, and most of the users of the platform liked them, that’s why this film has a high rating and excellent reviews, but it is also in the first place for the last month, but also this month.

  2. CODA (2024) – if you are looking for something that will be full of emotion and melt you while watching it, then CODA is the ideal solution for you for the weekend when you plan to spend your time watching interesting movie content. We are talking about a family in which only the daughter has a sense of hearing, i.e. can hear, and in which the parents are deaf, and the younger brother is also unable to hear. Ruby is the only one who can help her parents in their daily functioning, and so day by day she discovers her talent and desire for singing, which is what the whole story revolves around. This movie was released in the second half of 2024, but it is still among the most watched content of this year, especially in the last month and this month.
  3. Luck (2024) – if you’ve had a hard day at work and are looking for something to relax you and give you new energy, then what you need is an animated movie. Looking for something popular? Luck is the latest thing high on the Apple TV list, and you’re sure to love it too. It was released only a week ago, and it already has a large number of views on this platform. It is a cartoon based on comedy content and fantasy, something that will bring you back to your childhood and which will manage to keep your attention and awaken the child in you. This film already has a large number of positive comments and has 4 and a half stars on the internet ratings, so we believe that you will like it too.
  4. The Sky Is Everywhere (2024) – Earlier this year, many movies came out that left fans surprised with the content they brought, and this happened with one of the most popular choices of Apple TV users, which is The Sky Is Everywhere. It is about a romantic drama that left most of the fans speechless, allowing them to enjoy movies of this type more and watch this movie one more time. According to the reviews that have already been published, this movie can melt your heart with its content, it can make even the strongest person soften and cry, and if you too are looking for something that will touch you, this movie is the perfect one. selection for you for the evening movie marathon via Apple TV.

In front of you are the best suggestions, as well as the most viewed content in the past period, which are current and high on the lists of Apple TV in August as well. So all you have to do is take a good look at each of the trailers for each of these titles, choose the most suitable one for your movie night, prepare the popcorn and enjoy your choice. We are sure that we have helped you make your choice easier and enjoy the movie content that is currently the most watched.